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Aligning your OKRs is an important component to achieve an effective OKR, and makes this process as seamless as it can be. allows you to align your OKRs from top-down and bottom-up in a few different ways, by allowing users to truly feel at home with the platform when it comes to how they want to assign and delegate OKRs. Here we’ll focus on 2 simple ways to accomplish top-down alignment.

For top-down alignment, you can align your OKRs in by assigning your Key Result as an Objective, or, as a Key Result. This way the assignee will receive that Objective or Key Result.

Let’s start with the following OKR example Nicholas, the Chief Marketing, is working on. He can assign his Key Results as Objectives or as Key Results.

Objective and Keyresults in Profit

A. Assigning Key Result as an Objective:

If you assign an Objective, you can add your own Key Results to accomplish the Objective. Here, you’ll need to figure “how” to, build your Key Results, and how to get the Key Results done.

In our example, Nicholas assigns the Key Result as an Objective to Rory, and Rory has to figure out the Key Results in discussion with Nicholas and other stakeholders:

KeyResult assigned as Objective to peer

Here is what it would look like in

Once you assign the Key Result as an Objective, the progress you make at the Objective progress level will be mirrored at your upward aligned Key Result progress.

B. Assigning Key Result as a Key Result:

If you have assigned a Key Result, you already know the “how”, and you just need to get it done. In other words, you’re delegating. Here, you can add your Key Result to another existing Objective or a newly created one.

In our example, Rory just needs to get the Key Result done by packaging it with an existing objective:

KeyResult assigned as KR to peer

Here is what it would look like in

Once you assign the Key Result as a Key Result, the progress you make on the Key Result progress level will mirror at your upward aligned’ Key Result progress.

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