Category: Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Based on an employee’s potential and performance assessments, their manager and an HR administrator can decide if it’s appropriate to initiate an Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for the employee.

If an employee needs to make adjustments to their professional performance, HR can initiate a PIP by navigating to the Performance module → HR Administration → Performance Improvement Plan.

Performance Menu Bar

Once on this page, HR administrators can begin a plan by pressing “Initiate.”

When HR initiates a review, they can enter the employee’s name, who their coach or mentor will be, the target date, and an improvement area with examples. Once they’ve entered the basic information, they can send the PIP to the coach/mentor, where they can list the expected outcomes for employees to make improvements.

Initiate Performance Improvement Plan

The mentor will then receive a notification in their action center, which they can select to add expected outcomes.

Performance improvement plan PIP

Once they’re ready, they can press “Initiate PIP” to send the plan to the employee. The employee can then track their progress on the outcomes assigned to them.

Performance improvement plan