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Launching your OKR program
by Bastin Gerald and Senthil Rajagopalan

OKRs are designed to bridge the gap between strategy and execution in a company. They can be tailored specifically to your business to give you a competitive advantage. Launching your OKR program teaches how to write great OKRs, select the right KPIs for your company, align OKRs between levels of your business, and establish accountability throughout your entire organization. Launching your OKR program the right way allows you to see better results in less time, and this book gives you all the information and tools you need to hit the ground running with OKRs.

In this book, You will find

How do you get started with OKRs?
How do you choose your OKR levels?
How do you write good OKRs?
What is Alignment?
How do you balance cascading and rolling up OKRs?
Is it necessary to use KPIs in OKRs?
Which type of key result is best?
How do you check-in? What is a good time frame for check-ins?
How do you grade your OKRs?
How do you wrap your OKR quarter?
Within the pages of this book you will find

A solid guide to great OKRs and right KPIs

The second part of this series is Launching your OKR program. This book empowers you with best practices for the first six months of your OKR program. The strategies detailed in this guide enable seamless OKR adoption and execution. This book will help fine-tune a reader’s understanding of the OKR framework, answering questions about KPIs, key result types, as well as alignment and OKR grading. Understanding everything that goes into the management of OKRs is an important part of a successful launch. This book prepares business leaders to implement OKRs and successfully manage them.

“Practice like you’ve never won. Play like you’ve never lost.”

—Michael Jordan

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