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Preparing for your OKR program by Bastin Gerald and Senthil Rajagopalan

With the paradigm shift in business practices and world economies, popularity for agile management methodologies has skyrocketed, and in the past few years of asynchronous and remote work, these methodologies have become all but essential. The more agile organizations stand a better chance of evolving and adapting to changing business dynamics. Preparing for your OKR Program digital book provides everything ambitious business leaders need to prepare their organizations to roll out Objectives and Key Results.

In this book, You will find

Why OKRs?
How are businesses optimizing their execution?
What is iterative business execution?
What are OKRs?
We frequently review employee performance. Aren’t we already iterating faster?
What does success look like?
How can you adopt OKRs successfully?
Why should start-ups embrace OKRs?
How can OKRs help remote performance?
Are OKR tools better than OKRs with spreadsheets?
How does the OKR framework compare to the Balanced Scorecard?

A solid foundation for your OKR program

The first installment of this business management series Preparing for your OKR program talks about OKR best practices to use during the planning stage of your OKR program. The key components of a successful OKR program have a lot to do with the business culture and the willingness of the team to learn from their mistakes, and the commitment to setting stretch targets and ambitious goals.

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