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Scaling your OKR program
by Bastin Gerald and Senthil Rajagopalan

Scaling your OKR program, the final installment of the OKR program series by Bastin Gerald and Senthil Rajagopalan, details how you can effectively scale and manage your OKR program after implementation. This book helps you to structure your quarter while using OKRs, how to determine which OKRs are working, how to prioritize goals and automate OKR management, identify warning signs that your OKRs are going off track, or that your OKR program is healthy.

In this book, You will find

What should your OKR quarter look like?
How do you ensure that your OKRs are good, at scale?
How do you prioritize your OKRs?
How do you automate daily management?
When do you automate check-ins?
Why do you see unbalanced progress in your OKRs?
What is Organizational Learning and why is it important?
The quarter is over. What next?
What red flags should you be on the lookout for in your OKR program?
Within the pages of this book you will find

A solid road map to a healthy OKRs journey

The final installment of this series, Scaling your OKR program, offers readers insights on one of the most difficult and most important parts of executing OKRs, which is how to maintain the quality of an OKR program in a growing company. Whether your program is ten employees or ten-thousand, success with OKRs will come from your team’s ability to maintain quality at each level of your organization. This book also shares the signs of a mature OKR program to help leaders recognize when they’re on the right track with their OKRs.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

—Steve Jobs

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