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04 May 2022

09.00AM (PST)

How would Manchester United
set their OKRs?

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27th Apr 2022

17:00 Hours IST

Slingshot to Success
How to Launch your OKRs, First Time Right

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15th Sep 2021

09.30PM – 10.30PM IST

The Future of Employee Engagement:
From HR to the Executive Suite

Check out this webinar featuring Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst @ Forrester. She explores how people management has developed over the course of remote work, and why companies need to prioritize engagement now more than ever. Read More

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14th April 2020

06.00 – 07.00PM IST

Deliver business outcomes in difficult times


By Global Leaders


14th March 2020

06.00 – 07.00PM IST

OKR best practices


by Sienam Lulla

A Certified OKR Coach