How to download a PowerPoint presentation of the OKR progress report in

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With OKR PowerPoint presentation you will be spending less time in making the End of the quarter presentation, OKR progress presentation, KRs Progress Presentation and KRs Progress Presentation - Hierarchical View. 

Why this feature?

  • In you can download your OKR progress report as a PowerPoint presentation. This can help you drive meaningful discussions with your teams. With this report, you can see your OKRs and the progress of your team in a bigger picture. If you are not an expert in making a presentation don’t worry, this feature will help you to prepare a presentation instantly.
  • Look at the entire progress of the team in the Overall OKR snapshot, get insights on their progress, and know your team better beyond their status reports.
  • Get ready for your meetings without wasting time on preparing PowerPoint preparation, just click on the presentation icon and download your presentation right away.
  • Save your time by automatically downloading your OKR progress with the contextual data of your OKRs and get ready to demonstrate real-time progress.
  • You can also customize the look and feel of the PPT template and download it directly.

Note: To access the Presentation feature you should enable it by navigating to Settings → OKRs → Views left navigation panel. Only super users have access to Settings.

Click on the Presentation icon and choose the required one.

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