How to Configure Review Templates in

Category: Performance provides an option to configure Review Templates in Performance Review. 

Why this feature?

  • This feature enables users to customize and create review templates for performance reviews based on their organizational needs. 
  • The review templates help users configure and save templates that can be saved and used in the future.
  • Users can create multiple templates for Q1, Q2. Q3, and Q4 for various review process setups. 
  • Users can also rearrange the review components to suit their organizational needs.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel and select the Review Templates tab. 

On the Review Template page, click on the + Create Review Template icon to create new templates. 

Step 2

On the Create Review Template page, you can configure the basic details of your template.

OKRs, Past Reviews, and Meetings can also be included as part of the review process by enabling the toggle.  

You can add the Q&A, Competencies, Goals, OKRs, Tasks, and Overall Rating to the review template by enabling the toggle.

Step 3

Users can click the Show Advanced Option to further customize the review template. 

In the Advanced Options, users can enable/disable the Ratings and Comments option for review.  

In the Review Layout section, the components of the review can be rearranged to suit organizational needs. 

Once done, click on the Next button. 

Step 4

In the Review Process section, Users can configure the participants of the performance reviews. 

To further customize the assessments, click on the Edit icon. 

Once done, click on the Next button.

Step 5

In the Competencies section, enabling the Override competencies at review level toggle allows you to tailor competencies for specific review templates according to your preferences.

After choosing the required competencies, click on Next.

Step 6

In the Scoring Buckets section, users can Distribute Weights, Allow override weights at review level, and Prevent employees from submitting their self-assessment if the weights do not add upto 100% based on the organizational needs.

Users can select Scoring based on Review Level, Grade Level, and Department Level. 

Once done, click on Save.

The newly created template will be added to the Review Templates page. 

The template can be selected whenever the HR Administrator or Super User initiates a new review. 

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