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OKRs change during the quarter, our OKR Software is equip to help you manage this. When we set OKRs, we focus on the things that really matter to the organization. However, during the period, there may be circumstances that demand us to adjust OKRs. It is possible to adjust OKRs when your priorities shift or the activities may no longer be relevant to the current situation.

The change in priorities can be due to many factors ( e.g change in product strategy, natural disaster, and acquisition of a major client, etc.)

  • Profit supports the following possible changes in OKRs
  • Changing the target value of Key Results
  • Creating new OKRs mid-cycle
  • Moving OKRs to other Employees/Departments/Teams
  • Moving Key Results
  • Reassigning Key Results
  • Move Key Results to the backlog
  • Deleting OKRs or KRs

While the company and department level OKRs change rarely, there may be necessary individual OKR changes can be approved by the leadership team before they are executed in the system.
Profit’s approval flows and accept/reject options support the aforementioned scenario.

Changing the target value of Key Results

During the course of the measurement period, you can adjust the targets for your key results, by directly adjusting the KR target values. When you make adjustments, the projections will be auto-adjusted and reflected in the check-in plan.

Edit KR

Creating new OKRs mid-cycle

The leadership team should decide and approve creating new OKRs during the quarter. The changes should be announced and communicated as to why it is important to the organization.

Create OKR

Moving OKRs to other Employees/Departments/Teams

OKRs can be moved from one employee to another (In case of a change in the designation or resignation). It can also be moved to departments or teams as well.

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Moving Key Results

Key Results can be moved from one OKR to another or the department/ team OKRs.

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Reassigning Key Results

It is possible to assign your key result to, say a new employee, or completely reassign to them from an existing employee.


Move Key Results to the backlog

Profit supports moving key results to the backlog when they are not relevant to the current situation. It can be pulled back and associated with any objective as needed.


Deleting OKRs or KRs

Delete KRs or entire OKR depending on the change in priorities. It is important to be ready to shift focus, keeping in mind whys and whats of OKRs.

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