How do you want to Align?

Alignments allow employees to understand how their goals contribute to the company’s mission. A key aspect of OKRs is alignment. With alignment, companies can coordinate their priorities and focus efforts on common goals. Alignment makes a direct connection between OKRs from different levels of an organization and helps designate where responsibility lies for certain key results.

Alignment ensures that separate employees, teams, and even departments are working towards common, higher-order goals. This can also increase employee engagement, as individuals can see how their day-to-day contributions impact the entire organization through aligned OKRs.

You have two options for alignment. With top-down alignment, higher-tier key results become lower-tier objectives– such as company-level key results becoming departmental objectives. With bottom-up alignments, lower-tier objectives become higher-tier key results. Such as individual-level objectives used as department-level key results.

Objective Allignments