What changes?

Key Performance Indicator or Milestone Sequence

For measurable key results, identify or define the KPI you are trying to change. For non-measurable key results, define the list of milestones to track progress

Key results can broadly be classified into measurables and trackables based on actions that can be reflected upon them, i.e. Percentage Tracked, Increase KPI, Decrease KPI, Control KPI, Baseline KPI and Get Something Done.


Measurable key results can be measured using a KPI. For example, revenue, customer retention, procurement lead time, and so on.

  • Increase revenue (Increase KPI)
  • Reduce customer churn (Decrease KPI)
  • Maintain the Debt-to-Equity ratio in a certain range (Control KPI)


Trackable Key results can not be measured, but progress can be tracked through a series of milestones.

  • When you aren’t sure about what needs to be done (Baseline KPI)
  • Launch a New Product (Get something done)
What Changes