How can an Overall Rating be automatically updated in Performance Review?

Category: Performance provides an option to auto calculate the Overall Rating in the Performance Review while doing the assessment.

Why this Feature?

Previously while doing the assessment in Performance Review we had to manually update the progress bar for the Overall Rating section. But now while updating the progress i.e) performance level for each module, the Overall Rating will be automatically updated.

Note: Only users with access to Settings can perform this action.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Reviews navigation

Step 2:

In the Reviews page, select the Summary Info tab and enable the toggles for Overall Ratings based on your organizational needs.

Summary Info

Step 3:

While performing the assessment for a newly initiated review.

The Overall Rating progress bar will be automatically calculated according to the score we give in each of the other progress bars.

Performance reviews

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