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Why this feature?

  • The Individual Development Plan (IDP) recognizes and supports the organization's most potential workers in achieving greater success. 
  • It advances a worker's career by assisting them in learning the most recent industry innovations and aids in setting goals with a much wider perspective.
  • IDPs assist managers in coordinating with the most productive workers and scheduling their activities and action plans in a way that is more beneficial to both the company and the employees.

Step 1

HR admins and initiators can create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) through the Initiate option, which is displayed on the Individual Development Plan page.

Step 2

When the HR admin clicks on the Initiate button, a side panel will open where you can enter the following details.

After sending it for approval, the IDP will be generated, and it will be in the “Proposed” status.


Finally, the coach modifies details, adds coach/mentors if needed, and Initiate IDP for the user.

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