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When your reviewers have completed your review, you’ll find an overall percentage, rating matches, as well as a score at the bottom of the review’s page.

Profit performance menu

From the Past Reviews page, select the completed review you’d like to see your ratings and scores for.

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At the bottom of the Review page, you’ll find all three forms of rating: overall percentage, rating matches, and perfect scores.

Overall Rating

Your overall percentage is rooted in your competency ratings. The overall percentage is an average of all of your competency scores. For example, if there are five possible ratings for each competency (Unsatisfactory, Average, Good, Great, Outstanding), each one will be worth 20% of your competency score. If you rate your Communication skills as “Great”, or ⅘, for example, that’s 80%. At the very end of your review, your overall score is an average of each competency score.

Overall percentage

Your rating matches represent how many of your competency ratings match those of your manager. For example, if both you and your manager or reviewer rate your Quality of Work as “Good”, that would be a match. At the end of your review, you’ll see a ratio indicating how many of your ratings matched that of your reviewer.

Rating matches

The last component of your review is the score. Your score represents the amount of perfect ratings both you and your reviewer gave in the review. For example, if both you and your reviewer rate your Leadership Ability as “Outstanding”, that would be considered a perfect score. A match that is not at the highest rating level is not considered a perfect score and doesn’t contribute to the score ratio at the bottom of the review page.


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