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Build a Robust Demo Pipeline for Americas


In this video, we’ll write an OKR to “Build a Robust Demo Pipeline for Americas”. This goal aims at something specific that speaks towards a sales department’s need to develop their tactics depending on where their company would like to expand. To reach a goal such as this, you’ll need specific, aspirational key results.

Here are the key results we’ll use:

    Increase outbound demos from 15 to 75 (increase outbound demos)

  • Qualify at least 60 leads from monthly webinars (control monthly webinars)
  • Maintain at least 125 new outbound emails per week (control new outbound emails per week)

Let’s input the first key result into the software.

After inputting your objective, create a new key result using the form.

First select the key result type from the drop down menu. Because this is a metric-based key result with a value we’d like to increase, we’ll select “increase KPI” from the drop down menu. Choose a KPI by pressing “Search & Select KPI”. This will open a pop up where you can search your KPI by name, or browse through KPI categories.

Select a target date for completing your key result.

Then, modify your chosen KPI values to fit your specifications. In this case, we’ll be increasing the outbound demos from 15 to 75.

Based on the information you provided, the form will build a title for you. Make any necessary modifications, or add any desired context.

Then, you can indicate if you’d like to assign this key result to a specific employee by pressing the “Search & Select Assignee” button. You can search for an employee, team, or department using the search bar, or browsing the catalogue.

Finally, select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins, and press “Create”.

Now you have a key result that targets a part of the sales process that can garner many customer conversions, making it a substantial and intelligent key result to have to measure this objective. Here are the other key results we can use.

Ensuring that you create key results that target the impactful components of a goal is the key to making significant progress and finding success with OKRs.