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Increase Customer Engagement


In this video, we’ll write an OKR to “Increase Customer Engagement”. Finding ways to keep customers interested and responsive is an important component of making a successful sale and building a strong long-term professional relationship with customers. Increased engagement means that customers are spending more time with your brand, and will be more likely to trust and buy from your brand multiple times.

This important objective can be achieved using these key results:

    Increase customer satisfaction score from 20% to 80% (increase customer satisfaction score)

  • Document common outcomes from customers FAQ during webinars (milestone tracked- outcomes)
  • Complete integration of event-triggered campaigns (% Integration)

Let’s input the first key result– increase customer satisfaction score from 20% to 80% in the software.

After creating your objective, we’ll create a new key result using the form.

First select the key result type from the drop down menu. Because this is a metric-based key result with a value we’d like to increase, we’ll select “increase KPI” from the drop down menu. Choose a KPI by pressing “Search & Select KPI”. This will open a pop up where you can search your KPI by name, or browse through KPI categories and select from the provided list.

Select a target date for completing your key result.

Then, modify your chosen KPI values to fit your specifications. In this case, we’ll be increasing the customer satisfaction score from 20% to 80%.

Based on the information you provided, the form will build a title for you. Make any necessary modifications, or add any desired context.

Then, you can indicate if you’d like to assign this key result to a specific employee by pressing the “Search & Select Assignee” button. You can search for an employee, team, or department using the search bar, or browse using the catalogue.

Finally, select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins, and press “Create”.

Now you have a specific key result that offers clear guidance on what needs to be achieved in order to make progress on this objective. Here are the other key results that can help with this objective.

While Increasing Customer Engagement is a high-effort objective that requires resources, attention, and time, the payoff for achieving this objective makes it worth it, as customer engagement is the key to building a successful brand.