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Build Strategic Partnerships and Channels


In this video, we’ll write an OKR to “Build Strategic Partnerships and Channels”. An important component of the sales department that leaders need to consider is their network of other businesses. Ideally, you’ll be building strategic partnerships with businesses with similar target audiences, but separate customer bases. This can be immensely beneficial for both businesses, and dedicating an OKR to help build up these relationships is a great idea for any business that is seeking to increase growth and their network.

The key results we could use to measure the progress of the Objective are:

    Establish partnership with 5 new consulting firms (increase KPI 0-5)

  • Increase revenue from $10k to $100K through partners (increase revenue)
  • Establish partnership with 4 Resellers (% partnership)

Let’s input this first key result into the software.

Input your Objective, and then create a new key result using the form. First, indicate the key result type you will be using. Because this key result has a metric we would like to increase, we’ll select increase KPl. Choose a KPI by pressing “Search & Select KPI”. This will open a pop up where you can search your KPI by name, or browse through KPI categories and select from the provided list.

Select your target date for completing this key result.

Then, input your KPI values. We’ll indicate we’re increasing partnerships with new consulting firms from zero to five.

Based on the information you’ve inputted at the top of the pop-up, a title for this key result will be automatically generated. Make any necessary adjustments so that the title encompasses what you’d like to accomplish, and add any additional context you feel is necessary.

Then, you can indicate if you would like to assign this key result to another member of your team. Press “Search & Select Assignee” to either search the name of another employee in your department, or browse through in the pop-up.

Finally, indicate the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result, and press create.

Now you have a specific key result that encourages assignees to track their progress, and necessarily contributes to your objective of building strategic partnerships and channels. Here are the other key results you can use to achieve this objective–

Focusing an OKR to build strategic partnerships and channels is a goal with a long-term benefit that can help you substantially grow your business through the Sales department.