What are the user provisioning integrations available in Profit.co?

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Profit.co supports multiple ways to provision user access to the profit.co application.

Why this feature?

A user's account can be created, maintained, updated, and deleted through "user provisioning," which can be done on-premises, in the cloud, or using a combination of both. Profit.co supports multiple applications for user provisioning for maintaining the user data.

Profit. co supports SCIM Integrations with Okta, Azure AD, and JumpCloud.

HRMS Integrations with BambooHR, Darwinbox, Zoho People, and HiBob.

Follow the links below to learn more about how to integrate these applications.

SCIM Integration:

JumpCloud - https://www.profit.co/integrations/jumpcloud-sso-scim/

Okta - https://www.profit.co/integrations/okta-single-sign-on/

Azure AD - https://www.profit.co/integrations/azure-ad-sso/

HRMS Integration:

BambooHR - https://www.profit.co/integrations/okrs-for-bamboohr/

Zoho People - https://www.profit.co/integrations/zoho-people-integration/

Darwinbox - https://www.profit.co/integrations/darwinbox-integration/

HiBob - https://www.profit.co/integrations/hibob-integration/

Click here to learn more if you want to add new users to the Profit.co app manually.

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