Zoho People is a cloud based Human Resource Management System designed to manage and access all your employee data from a centralized location.

What can you do with Zoho People and Profit.co integration?

1. You can Import Users, Departments, Job titles, Employee number and Sync Managers from the Zoho People account to Profit.co

Configure Zoho People Integration in Profit.co

Note: Super Users can only configure the Zoho People integration in Profit.co

Step 1:

To Integrate Zoho People to your Profit.co account, Navigate to Settings → Integrations →Connectors


Step 2:

Click on the Manage button of Zoho People and connect.


Step 3:

A popup will appear, Enter the connection name and then press the connect button to connect your Zoho People account.


Sign-in to the application and click on Accept to make a connection.


Step 4:

Once the connection is established, The Initial Sync will start after 30 mins to import users from your Zoho People account to Profit.co for the first sync.

By default, The user’s login access will be disabled in the user management, Once the sync is completed. We have to enable the users manually every time.



1. The first sync will happen only after 30 mins once the sync is done and other syncs will happen everyday at 9 PM local time.

2. The Terminated users in Zoho People will not be synced in Profit.co. You need to manually Terminate them.

3. All users will be given Profit user access. You can change it later for the users you want.

4. By default, the user login will be disabled for those who are added from Zoho People. You need to enable it manually once they have been added to profit.