Now integrate your account with Asana and help team, organize, manage and work effectively and create key results to track performance instantly.

Step 1:

Note: Only the Superusers can integrate Asana with account.

Go to Settings → Integrations → User Level Connectors



Enable the Asana toggle in the User-level connectors page.

Enable A

Step 2:

Now go to Preferences→ Integrations → Connectors from the left menu.

Select Integrations

Click on the Manage button to set up a new connection in Asana.

Manage Asana

To establish a new connection click on Sign in to Asana.

Sign in Asana

Once you click on Sign in to Asana, you will be navigated to the connection page.

Once you enter the Connection name and the email ID that you use to sign in to your Asana account, the Connection will be established.

Note: If you are an existing user you can just directly make a new connection in your account.

For new users open a new tab and login into your Asana account.

Sign in Asana

Click on Allow option to grant the access for Asana account.

Allow in Asana
Manage Asana Connections

Note: You can use only Increase KPI, Decrease KPI and percentage tracked KPI to create key results in this integration.

Step 3:

For instance, let’s create a new key result using Increase KPI with the established connection.

Here we are creating a key result Using Form.

Now enable the Auto update toggle and select the Asana from the list of integrations listed and click on Asana.

Choose Asana Connection

A pop up page will appear, here fill in the following details, choose Connection name, Workspace and Project. Select the number of Task Assignee, you can select any number of assignees or specified assignee. At the bottom of the page you will find the status of the key result check-in.

By selecting the status the current value will be fetched and it’ll be generated.

Connect to Asana

Once you click Add you can perform check-in.


The fetched value of the key result status will be displayed as shown below.