On a structural level, Favro organizes work into Collections, which can optionally be organized in folders. With Favro cards with this established integration, you can plan, create, organize, and manage your tasks and work easily.

What you can do with Favro and Profit.co Integration?

Profit.co’s integration allows you to connect your account with Favro to help you plan, create, organize, and manage your tasks via key results.

Configure Favro in Profit.co

Note: Super Users can only enable the Favro integration in Profit.co.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the User Level tab and enable the Favro toggle.


After enabling it, navigate to Preference from the left navigation panel, select the Integrations tab, and select the Favro Manage button to make a connection.


Then click the Connect to Favro button.


Step 2

To establish the integration, navigate to the Favro login page and Sign in.

favro login

In your Favro account, click on the My Profile option from the navigation panel.


In the My Profile page, click on API Tokens and click on the Create new token button.


Now provide a name for your token and click on the Create token button.


Now copy the API token by clicking on the Copy to Clipboard button.

Note: The user name that you provide must be the same as that of the username that you provide when you log in to your Favro account.

Now paste the copied API token in the Profit.co interaction platform and give Connection name, and click Create.


Now the integration connection is established successfully.


Step 3

Now create a key result Using Form by clicking on the Add a new key result button.

Note: You can use only Increase KPI, Decrease KPIand Percentage Tracked key results when you integrate your account with Favro.

Enter the Key Result name, and choose the required Key Result type and KPI.

Select the Automate Check-in and choose Favro from the Connection dropdown.


A pop up will appear, choose the connection name and choose the organization from the dropdown list.


Step 4

Now navigate to your Favro account and get your card ID from the top of My Cards page.

Favro integration

Once you add the card Id the current value of the KR will be auto populated. Click on the Add button.


Step 5

Now check-in your key result and you will get the value of your KPI same as that of the current value of the key result and it will be the From value of your KPI.


When you check-in the value of the key result, your progress will be shown based on the progress of the tasks of Favro.