Snowflake revolutionizes data storage, processing, and analytics, offering speed, simplicity, and flexibility, seamlessly integrating with SQL databases for real-time information access.

What you can do with Snowflake and Integration? enables you to integrate and connect your snowflake account and create key results via the database server of snowflake.

Configure Snowflake in

Note: Only Super Users can be able to configure the <> Snowflake Integrations.

You can now integrate Snowflake with your account and can create key results using password and username. This enables users to integrate the server with the new SQL database to get up-to-date information on your check-ins without the hassle of switching between the two platforms.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the Business Level tab and click on the Snowflake Manage button.


Step 2

Now click on the Connect to Snowflake button.


Step 3

In the connect to Snowflake page, provide information for Connection Name, under server copy and paste the account name of your Snowflake account.

Give your Username & Password the same as that of your Snowflake login username and password.

Snowflake api

Step 4

Now the account is successfully integrated with the Snowflake account.


Step 5

Now click on Create Key result → Using form.


Step 6

Now create the key results, here Increase KPI is selected. For example, set the KPI as the Total Sale Amount.

Enable the Auto Update toggle, choose connections and Tableau, and give a value.


Step 7

Provide information for the following section SQL Query. After entering the value click Run. After that, you’ll be getting the current value present in the database.

Finally, click the Add button.


Step 8

Once you click on the Run button, the current value will be updated automatically in the “From” field and you can click the Create button of the key Result.


Step 9

After creating the key result if you update the key result you’ll get an updated preview of the value before check-in.