Jira is a tool used to track issues and bugs related to your software. It is also used for project management. You can integrate Profit.co with Jira to use it inside Jira software.

What you can do with Jira and Profit.co Integration?

  1. The issues in epic in your Jira Projects can be used as Key Results/Sub-key Results Or Tasks in our Profit.co.
  2. The status and the progress in Jira will be reflected in our Key result/Sub-Key Results and the Task of Profit.co.
  3. Perform check-ins instantly from your Jira account.

Here’s a walk-through of setting up Profit.co and Jira app to perform check-ins.

Note: Login with the same Email in Profit.co website in a separate tab.

Integration youtube

How to install Profit.co app in Jira software?

Note: This configuration can be done only at the Admin level.

Step 1:

Go to the Atlassian https://id.atlassian.com website. Enter your email address on the login page and click on Continue or you can log in with Google.

Enter your password to log in to your Jira account.

Jira login

It will redirect you to the Home page. Click on the Jira Software icon.

Jira product

Step 2:

Click on Apps on the top menu.

Select Find new apps

Find New Apps

Step 3:

On the search bar, type in “Profit.co” and press Enter. Click on the Profit.co app.

Discover apps and integrations for jira

Step 4:

Now click on the Get app button to install Profit.co.

 Get app

Step 5:

A pop-up will appear, click the Get it now button.

Get it now

Step 6:

You will see a message showing Profit.co has been added.

Message Showing Profit.co

How to configure Profit.co in Jira after installation?

Step 1:

Go to the Manage Apps page, choose the Profit.co app, and click on the Configure button

Manage Apps

Step 2:

You will be redirected to the Profit.co app login page. Enter your email id and Jira API token. Click on the Submit button.

Note: Ensure that the email address matches both the Jira administrator email and the Profit.co email.


Step 3:

Please click on the “Get my API Token” below the submit button.

A new tab will be opened with the API Token page as shown in the figure below. Click on copy to clipboard.


Step 4:

Once you submit your credential and API token, you can see the list of Jira users. Enter the email address in the Email id column and click on the Connect button against the email id.

Note: You’ll be able to configure the Jira users who already have a Profit.co account. It can be done only at the Admin level.

email id column

Step 5:

Now you will be able to see Profit.co in the Jira Software menu.

Jira Software Menu

Step 6:

Click on Profit.co to access your Profit.co app inside Jira Software.

Profit.co app inside Jira Software

Modelling epic story points as a key result

Create a Jira Epic as a Key Result

The Profit.co for Jira plug-in allows you to automatically create your Jira epic as a Key result under any of your OKRs in Profit.co.

You can track the progress of the linked OKR in your Jira epic.

Step 1:

In your Jira account, go to Issues → All Issues.

Open an epic and click on Profit.co on your right menu.


Step 2:

Click to view all/linked OKRs.

Choose your OKR level / Departmentand the required Period.


Step 3:

Choose the Objective where you want to create your epic as a key result.

Select the + icon to choose the KPI for the key result.


The Jira-supported KPIs are listed below,

Jira KPI Description
Epic Story Points % Track the number of stories completed on average against the total stories under the Jira epic. (This is displayed as a percentage)
Epic Story Points Track the number of story points completed against total story points under the Jira epic.
Tasks Track the number of Tasks completed on average against the total Tasks under the Jira epic.
Tasks % Track the number of Tasks completed in % on average against the total Tasks under the Jira epic.
Tasks Hours The total of the task hours will be taken into consideration and the progress will reflect based on the completed tasks
Tasks Hours % The percentage of the task hours will be taken into consideration and the progress will reflect based on the completed percentage

Profit.co provides support for all types of default issues in Jira

For Example, A Project manager’s objective is “Improve Project Delivery Performance”. How can they measure if they have improved on-time delivery?

One of the potential indicators which can help you measure your objective performance is Story Points. Tracking the burnout of story points can tell you how confident are you and your team in achieving your objective.

Objective Improve Project Delivery Performance
KR1 60 story points delivered per month

For instance, let’s select the Customer Service OKRs and choose Tasks% KPI.

Step 4:

Choose a KPI and click Add, to create a key result in profit.co

Note: The Key Results will be created based on the Epic name.


Step 5:

The Key Result will be created in your profit.co and the progress can be seen inside Jira.

Clicking the Redirect icon will take you directly to the relevant objective or key result in Profit.co.


Note: For every update that is happening in the epic, the progress will be updated in the Key Result.


Check in Comment

You can view your check in the comment based on your task completion.


Create a Jira Epic as a Sub-Key Result

Follow the same steps as given above for the process of creating key results.

To create a subkey result choose the Key Result that you want.


In Jira, select the dropdown and click the + icon on the key result to add the sub key result.

You’ll be getting the KPI to select for the sub key result.


For instance, let’s add the KPI Tasks in Numeric.

Finally, click on Add.


The sub key result will be shown in Jira.


Also, you can see the subkey result with the updated progress in Profit.co

Note: The information from the Task Due date and Assignee fields in the Jira plugin will also appear in Profit.co.This option is not applicable for associated Key results.

Clicking on the Redirect to Jira button will take you directly to Jira.

Note: Clicking on the Profit.co hyperlink button will lead to redirection to the Jira account.


To track the Jira Epic Progress as an Existing Key Result

To track the progress of epic with existing Key results follow these steps:

Click on the Key Result you want to associate with Epic.


The completion of the Child Issue will contribute to the progress of the Key Result.


Also, you can see the key result with the updated progress in Profit.co


Create a Jira Epic as a Task

To create a task in Profit.co, click on the Dropdown menu of the selected Objective and click on the pin icon to add it as Task.


Finally in Jira, it’ll be added as a task.


Note: If you want to unlink the task click on the same pin icon.

In Profit.co you will be able to see the task associated with the key result.

Note: If the epic status reaches the Done stage, it will be indicated as the Completed status for tasks in Profit.co