enables you to integrate and connect your MySQL account and create key results via the database server of MYSQL.

You can now integrate your account with MySQL and can manage databases. With this established integration you can now manage your database efficiently by creating key results to show progress.

Note: Only super users can perform this integration connection.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Connectors from the left navigation panel.

Mysql connector

Step 2

Click on the Manage button of MySQL integration.

Mysql manage

Step 3

Now click on Connect to MySQl.

MySQl connect

Step 4

Establish a connection by adding the credentials of Server, username and password from your MySQL account.

Manage Mysql

Step 5

Now create the key result Using form by clicking on the Add a new key result.

Mysql using form

Step 6

Now select Increase KPI and add KPI for the key result and enable the integration toggle and choose MySql connection.

Mysql increase kpi

Step 7

Once you choose the MySQL connection, a pop up will appear. The connection name will be auto populated and you have to enter the SQL Query from your MySQL profile. Now click Run.

Mysql run

Step 8

Once you click on the Run button, the Current Value will be automatically populated. Now click on Add.

Mysql add

Step 9

You have now successfully integrated your key result and From value will be automatically populated and now enter To value and click Create.

Mysql imporove

Step 10

When you check-in your key result, the value will be updated automatically.

Mysql check-in