How to install as a chrome extension?

Check out our latest update to help you enjoy a hassle free login by adding software as a chrome extension.

You can now install as a chrome extension and can use your account by simply clicking on the icon from your chrome taskbar. Instead of just signing into your account every time, enjoy a hassle free login by adding your account to the chrome extensions.

Step 1

Click on the chrome web store, find the OKR software and click on the Add to Chrome button.

Add to chrome

Step 2

Once you add it to chrome, a pop up confirmation message will appear, asking if you want to add extensions, click on Add extensions.

Add chrome extensions

Step 3

Now is successfully added to chrome.

Added chrome extensions

Step 3.1

Now you can directly navigate to your account by simply clicking on the icon.

Added chrome

Step 3.2

Or, click on the extension icon, a drop down will appear, here you can select OKR software to login.

Added chrome

Step 4

Once you click on the icon, you will be asked to choose the gmail account with which you have created the account choose the id and password.

choose account

Note: This is only a one time setup.

Step 5

Once you give your user id and password you will be logged into your account automatically. You can just get into your account by just clicking on the icon from extensions.

All myokrs

Step 6

You can also perform certain functions in the Chrome extension.

Click on the Chrome extension, and to add a task click on the Add Task + button.

A pop-up will appear, enter the Task name, choose the Assignee, and the Due date. Click on Create Task. The task created here will be visible in the My Task in

Add Task
Create Task

Step 7

You can also perform your Overdue-check ins, by clicking on the Check-in button. When you click on the View button, it redirects to the respective KR in

Task Check-in

Add your Value, update the Status of your progress, add Comments if necessary, and click on the Check-in button to perform check-in.


You can navigate to the Action Center by clicking on the Go to Action Center button.


Step 8

You can complete your over-due tasks by marking them as Complete. When you click on the View button, it redirects to the task page in

Mark as Complete

Step 9

You can view all the Notes and the # Hashtagged Conversations.

Hashtagged Conversations

Note: You can access your account by clicking Go to web app.

Click on the Log Out button to log out from your account.

Log out