Trello is a web-based, Kanban-style, list-making application and is developed by Trello Enterprise, a subsidiary of Atlassian.

Integrate your account with Trello and help your team organize, manage and work effectively and create key results to track performance instantly.

What you can do with – Trello KPI Integration?

With and Trello integration, you can efficiently manage tasks by utilizing List-Based Sync to count cards and Card-Based Sync to track cards based on due dates, checklists, and due date-checklist combinations

Configure Trello in

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Trello integration in

Step 1

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the User Level tab and enable the Trello toggle.


Step 2

Navigate to Preference from the left navigation panel, select the Integrations tab and select the Trello Manage button to make a connection.


To establish a new connection, click on the Connect to Trello button.


Step 3

Enter the Connection name, paste the copied API key and token from the Trello account, and click on the Connect Button to discover the connection.



Step 4

Now Create a key result Using the Form in where you want to integrate the Trello in a key result.

Note: Trello supports Percentage tracked, Increase KPI, Decrease KPI, or Control KPI type.

Enter the Key Result name, and choose the required Key Result type and KPI.

Select the Automate Check-ins and choose Trello from the Connection dropdown.


On the Connect to Trello tab, choose the required Connection Name, Workspace, Board, and List, and choose the required Sync Approach, you will find the Current Value.


  1. The List Based Sync Approach gives you the number of cards in the selected list.
  2. The Card-Based Sync Approach tracks the cards in the list by considering three Tracking Types: Due Date, Checklist, and Checklist and Due Date.
  3. You can also set the current value as the start value by clicking the Set as start value checkbox.
  4. The “All Cards” option dynamically updates based on changes to the list, considering all cards present at the time of automation execution. On the other hand, “Select All” only includes the cards existing at the time of selection and does not account for later additions.


Step 5

Once the Key Result is successfully created, click on the Check-in button and complete the Check-in to update the status value in the key result.



If you check-in you’ll be redirected to the review page. Finally, you can Update it to make progress to your key result.


Note: The automatic check-in will happen every day at 09.00 AM based on the user region.