To perform this task, you must have Wrike administrator email credentials. The same email id should be used to sign-up into

Step 1

Open a new tab and login to the Wrike account using your credentials.

wrike signin
Enter Wrike password

Step 2

Note: Only the Superusers can integrate Wrike with account.

Go to SettingsIntegrationsUser Level Connectors

Select user level connectors

Enable the Wrike toggle in User-level connectors

  • Enable the Wrike toggle in User-level connectors

    User level connectors

    Step 3

    Go to PreferencesIntegrationsConnectors.

    Select integrations

    In the Integrations, page click Manage Wrike.

    Manage Integrations

    You have already logged in the Wrike at the other tab. So you’ll be automatically connected.

    Manage Wrike Connections

    Step 4

    Create a Key Result in your Objective using the form method.

  • Enable the connection toggle.

    Choose Connection

    Choose the connection as Wrike.

    Choose Wrike connection

    Note: Wrike supports only percentage tracked KR Type.

    Step 5

    Before creating Key Result we have to know the status difference between the wrike task board and KR Progress

    For instance, the task which you have created in a board at the wrike website will look like this,

    Tasks Status

    The project named here is Wrike.

    The types of status present in Project Wrike are New, In Progress, Completed, On-Hold & Cancelled.

    Step 6

    While creating the Key result select the project name which you have saved.

    Connect to Wrike

    Before selecting the status observe how the status names differ.

    New, In Progress Active
    Completed Completed
    On-Hold Deferred
    Cancelled Cancelled

    While selecting status you’ll be getting four types here.

    choose Wrike status

    If you select Active then the task present in the status as “New” and “In Progress” will be selected.

    After selecting the status you’ll be getting a message as Project Linked.

    Project Linked

    Click the Add button.

    Finally, Create the Key Result.

    Create Key Result

    Step 7

    Make the check-in progress for the created key result.

    Make the Check-ins

    After the check-in progress we’ll be getting a specific value.


    So this value denotes the percentage of tasks present in the status Active in which it takes both New and In-Progress. This final check-in value will be progressed in the Key Result.