Wrike is a work management platform that helps business teams collaborate, plan projects, organize team member tasks and track project completion. You can track the status of your Completed, Active, Deferred, and Cancelled tasks through Profit. co key results and keep your progress updated.

What you can do with Wrike and Profit.co Integration ?

Profit.co enables users to integrate Wrike with their accounts and automate their key results progress.

You can track the status of your Completed, Active, Deferred, and Cancelled tasks through Profit.co key results and keep your progress updated.

Configure Wrike in Profit.co

To perform this task, you must have Wrike administrator email credentials.

Note: Superusers can only integrate Wrike with Profit.co account.

Step 1:

Log in to the Wrike account using your credentials.


Step 2

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the User Level tab and enable the Wrike toggle.


After enabling it, navigate to Preference from the left navigation panel, select the Integrations tab, and select Wrike Manage button to make a connection.


Since you have already logged in the Wrike at the other tab. You will be automatically connected.


Step 3

Now Create a key result Using the Form in Profit.co where you want to integrate the Wrike in a key result.

Note: Wrike supports only percentage tracked KR Type.

Enter the Key Result name, and choose the required Key Result type and KPI.

Select the Automate Check-in and choose Wrike from the Connection dropdown.


The task which you have created on a board in the Wrike application can be seen below under the project name Video Tutorials.


While creating the Key result select the project name which you have saved and select the status in which you want to track them in the key result.

choose Wrike status

The types of status present in Project Wrike are Active, Completed, Deferred & Cancelled.

Here we are selecting the tasks status-completed to track the completed tasks in the key result.

After selecting the status you’ll be getting a message as Project Linked.


Click the Update button & Create the Key Result.

Step 4

Now click on the slider bubble on the created key result to make a check-in.

The value that pop-up denotes the percentage of tasks present in the status-completed in the board you have created in Wrike.


Click on the check-in to progress the result in the Key Result.