How to install in Power BI?


“ OKR Software” Dashboard App retrieves OKR data from to visualize and analyze the progress in Power BI.

Configure “ OKR Software” dashboard App in Power BI

Step 1:

Login into your Power BI Account and Press Get apps button
Power BI Apps URL –

Get Apps Power Bi

Step 2:

Search for and find our OKR Software and Click on the App.

Step 3:

Click on the Get it now button.


Step 4:

Click on Install button to install our App in your Power BI Account.


Step 5:

Open the Installed OKR Software App.


Step 6:

It will be available with sample data. Click on Connect your data button to get your data from


Step 7:

Profit Base URL : Either or based on your account region.

API Key and Access Key : In your Admin Account, Go to Settings → Security → API Access and get the values of API Key and Access Key.


Step 8:

Select Anonymous in the Authentication method and Click on Sign in and Connect button.


Step 9:

Datasets and Views are Created in Power BI with the data fetched from your account.
We can use this Dataset to visualize and Analyze Data in Power BI.