How to integrate Microsoft Planner with

Now integrate with Microsoft Planner to create, manage and perform tasks and workspace.

Step 1

Go to Settings → Integrations → User Level Connectors


Step 2

Enable the Microsoft Planner toggle in the User Level Connectors.


After enabling it at the firm level,


Step 3

Go to Preferences → Integrations.


Step 4

In Integrations, manage your Microsoft Planner.

Manage your Microsoft Planner

Step 5

Click Sign in to Microsoft Planner.

Sign in to Microsoft Planner

Enter the connection name and click Sign in to Microsoft Planner.

Connect to Microsoft Planner

Enter your email address for signing in.

Sign in Microsoft Planner

After getting connected,

Manage Microsoft Planner connect

Step 6

Create/Edit a board in your workspace.

Create Board

While creating it enable the toggle for Enable Stages.

After that enable the toggle for Integration and click Edit.

Edit Board

Select the plan you have created in the Microsoft Planner and select Add.

Add Connection

Step 7

The task which is currently present in the Microsoft Planner will reflect on your Task Board.

Note: The first initial sync will happen in thirty minutes in the dashboard. The process that takes place after the sync will get updated only at 9AM every morning.

Task Board

Note: The Task stages which you have created on Microsoft planner will be reflected in your dashboard.