How to setup integration between BambooHR and

Here’s a walk-through of setting up BambooHR for

  • Go to If you are a new user, sign up for a new account and login. Click the Apps link at the top navigation menu.

create work flow

  • Click on the Early Access in the Filter by category section on the left and search for in the search box at the top.

filter category

  • Click “Start using now!” button to add Profit to your Zapier account.

start using profit

  • In the next step, click “Accept Invite & Build Zap” to proceed. You’ll be redirected to My Zaps page after accepting the Invite.

accept invite build zap

my zaps

  • To check that if Profit app has been added successfully, Click on the My Apps tab and search for “Profit”. If you find you in the list of My Apps, move on to the next step.

my apps

  • Once you’ve successfully added the Profit App, click on the Make a Zap! Button on the top-right.

profit make zap

  • Add a relevant name to the Zap and Choose BambooHR in the App box.

choose app event

  • In the next step, choose the triggering event. This is mandatory.

create employee

  • Click continue to proceed.

click continue

  • Here you need to choose the BambooHR account that you need to associate with.

signin bamboo

  • Click on Sign in to BambooHR and enter the API Key.
  • Note: To find your BambooHR API key, Login and click on your name acronym and select API Keys.

bamboo profit page

  • Type in the API Key Name and click the Generate button to generate a API Key.

add new api key

  • Copy and Paste this API Key from your BambooHR.

allow zapier access bamboo account

  • Once the authentication is successful, continue to test your connection

new employee bamboo hr

  • Click on Test & Continue.

bamboo test continue

  • In the Do this section, Choose the app and the event. These fields are required fields. Search and select the app from the dropdown.

bamboo account choose profit

  • Then choose an action event as required, select “Create Employee” and continue.

profit create employee

add new account

  • Once you’ve added a new account it is required to authenticate with a valid credential to sync.

profit login screen

  • After the successful authentication, click Continue.

create employee continue

customize create employee

  • Once the fields are selected, click continue button to test and continue or skip the test

customize employee send data

  • Now, your Zap is ready. Turn “On” the toggle option.

turn on toggle

  • It will show the toggle status as green with “On”

green status

  • Now click “Done Editing” link, it is ready now to sync with

done editing

  • Select the Go To My Zaps button to finish the setup

your zap on

profit & bamboo account

  • From now, whenever a new employee is created in BambooHR, the user will be automatically created in Profit as well.