How do add “ for Gmail” add-on to my gmail?

Step 1:

Login to your Gmail account. Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner and select “Get add-ons”.

gamil add-on

Step 2:

A popup will open. Type “ for Gmail” in search box and press enter. Now click on the Profit add-on.

market place

Step 3:

Click on install button to add Profit add-on to your gmail.

gmail install

Step 4:

You can see Profit Gmail Add-on on the right side of the Gmail page.

gmail add profit

Step 5:

Click on the Profit Add-on it will open a popup, and click on login button.

add-on login

Step 6:

Enter your user name & password of your Profit account. Now your Gmail is linked and you can start checking-in your Key Results through your Gmail.

sign popup

Step 7:

Open your Pending Check-ins email and click on Profit Add-on it will show all the Key Results which are pending check-in.

add-on check ins

Step 8:

Click on the Check-in button to update the progress of your Key Result.

add-on check in time