enables users to integrate with their accounts and automate their key results progress.

What you can do with – Integration

1. You can track the status of your completed tasks through key results and keep your progress updated.


Configure in

To perform this task, you must have administrator email credentials.


Step 1

Go to the website. Enter your email address on the login page and click on Continue or you can log in with a Google account.


Step 2

On the home page, click on your profile icon and select Admin from the left navigation panel. It will redirect you to the Admin page.

Main Page

Step 3

Now select Admin → API and click on the Copy button to copy the Personal API Token.


Step 4

In your Admin account, Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Connectors.


Step 5

Now click on the Manage button of

Manage Monday

Step 6

Now click on the Connect to button.

Now enter the connection name and paste the copied API key from here and click Connect.

Connect Monday

Now your account is successfully integrated with


Step 7

Now create a key result using the step by step guide.

Lead Step by Step

Step 8

Note: While creating key results you can use the only Percentage tracked KR when your account is integrated with

Percentage Track

Step 9

You can create keyresults in the usual way. In the second step enable the Auto update toggle and select


Step 10

Now fill in the necessary fields then click Add.

Note: In order to check-in the key result based on the status, select the Label column based on the status you applied for the key results that you created in your account.

Add Manage

Step 11

Once the key result is created, click on the Check-in button. The progress percentage will be pulled from the connected account.


Step 12

In the Check-in page, click on the Update button.


Step 13

Now the progress value will be updated in the key result.

Percentage Tacked