Slack is a messaging application that acts as a hub where all the team members of the organization can communicate either via messaging or live chat. Your team’s Slack will be branched into various channels like sales, marketing, engineering, and so on for group discussion which is made up of teams based on the department.

The Slack application can be integrated into and you can do your check-in from Slack and it will be reflected in your account.

What you can do with Slack and integration?

  1. You can share and collaborate with your co-workers in real-time and at the same time, you can check-in your key result from in your Slack account.
  2. You can access Slack and from anywhere and at any time with secured cloud storage and can kickstart access right from instead of switching platforms.
  3. is SSO configured, Slacks are configured to trust such promises with sharing documents and information and chats.
  4. Perform check-ins, track the status, and comments instantly from your Slack account.
  5. You can get 130 kinds of action notifications like check-in, tasks, review, and @ mentions notification from in your slack account.

How to integrate Slack into Profit?

Step 1:

Click on the slack button you will be redirected to the Slack website. Enter your organization’s workspace and click “Continue”.

sign work space

Step 2:

Click Sign in, to sign in to your Slack account and to connect to your organization’s workspace.

signup form

Step 3:

In the next tab, open the Login page, and select Log in with Slack


Step 4:

Once you select Log in with Slack, you will be redirected to the requesting permission page, here Click “Allow” to redirect to Application.

Permission for Profit integration with slack.

Note: Every user has to log in with slack at least once to activate the Slack integration

Step 5:

Once you click Allow, you will be directed to the Getting started page. Fill in your necessary details and click Get started.

Get Started

Step 6:

After clicking Get Started you will be directed to the All My OKRs page.

All My OKR

Step 7:

If you already have an account with, You will be redirected to the All My OKRs page. Now Slack is integrated with your account. You can start checking in from your Slack account.

Slack Chat


How to Check-in with from Slack?

To perform a check-in, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:

Type the slash command “/checkin”.

Slack Command

Step 2:

OKRs from your account will be shown in the drop-down. Now select the OKR Level.

Pofit channel in slack.

Step 3:

Now the objectives and the key results associated with the selected OKR will be visible in the drop-down.

Associated OKR

Step 4:

Now the Checkin dialog box will appear by clicking on a Key Result from the drop-down. Type Checkin value and click on Submit button to update your Key Result.

New Check-in in Slack

Step 5:

Once you click Update, you will see a summary of your check-in and your checkin will be automatically be updated in the account.

Update Check-in

Step 6:

To enable the slack notifications, Kindly Navigate to Settings→ Generals → Action Center and enable Post action center items to Slack and select the day in which you want the notifications to be received.