ADFS is an identity access solution that provides client computers with seamless SSO access to protected Internet-facing applications or services, even when the user accounts and applications are located in completely different networks or organizations.

What can you do with – ADFS Integration?

  • With your ADFS single sign-on, you can access OKR software.

To enable ADFS Single Sign-On:

Login to the ADFS SSO to create the Custom SAML SSO App.

Go to the SSO tab and enter the following information given below by

IdP Entity Id Provide your IdP Entity ID
SP Entity Id (Entity Id of urn:profit-prod:profit-prod-sso-auth
US region
adfs adfs

EU region
adfs adfs

SP Certificate Optional
SAML Subject NameID email
SAML Subject NameID Format urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:emailAddress
Signature Algorithm RSA-SHA 256
Sign Assertion Checked
User Attributes
Service Provider Attribute Name ADFS Attribute Name
username email

After entering the information, assign the application to the requested users.

Then click on ADFS Export Metadata, to export the metadata from the ADFS application.

Copy the Entity Id and X509 Certificate without double quotes

Paste the Entity ID and X509 Certificate in Settings→Integrations from the left navigation panel.

On the SAML SSO tab, Authorize the ADFS SSO


Enter the required information and click Register.


Open a new tab and navigate to ADFS user login.

In the Applications, you’ll be able to see the SSO application.

By clicking on the ADFS – SSO App you’ll be redirected to the application.