Microsoft Teams integration with enables you to easily manage and check-in your OKRs from within Microsoft Teams. Here’s a walk-through of setting up Microsoft teams app and checking-in through it

Install app

 MS Teams App window

Step 1:

Click on the result to add the application. Once added the app icon will be displayed in the left menu bar and once clicking on it the chat window of will open and a welcome message will be displayed.

ProfitCo Welcome Messag in MS Team

Step 2:

Now type the “login” command and a login card will appear.

ProfitCo Login Command or login Card In MS Team

Step 3:

Click on the Login button in the login card and enter your credentials and submit.

Profit Login Page

Step 4:

Now you are authorized with the “checkin” command to display your objectives.

ProfitCo Checkin Command in MS Team

Step 5:

Select the objective and click the submit button. Now select the key result that you want to checkin and click submit.

Submit Selected Objective In MS Team

Step 6:

Now the check-in card will be displayed where you can enter the check-in value and click submit.

Enter Checkin Value in MS Team

Once the checkin is done the checkin summary will be displayed.

Checkin Summary

Note: Type the help command to know more