SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite is SAP’s SaaS human resources solution. It offers a variety of applications, from core HR applications like Employee Central or Employee Central Payroll to talent management applications covering, for example, recruiting and onboarding.

What can you do with and SAP SuccessFactors integrations?

You can import users, email ids, departments, job titles, and sync managers, grades, date of joining, HR Business Partners, and Matrix Manager from the SAP SuccessFactors account to

Configure SAP SuccessFactors for

Prior to Integrate the SAP SuccessFactor – to create or update Users and Departments, the SAP Admin user must generate the Report in SAP for Employees and Departments to sync with The generated reports API can only be used to establish a connection in

Here’s a walk-through of Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Connectors and click on Manage and Connect to SAP


Step 2:

Enter the required details, APIs & domain URL and click on Connect to sync the users


Step 3:

Once connected, It will take 30 minutes to import users from your SAP SuccessFactor account to in the first sync, and by default, the login access will be enabled/disabled however it is in SAP SuccessFactor.



1. If the department is not present in, it will be created and assigned to users.

2. Profit user access permissions will be granted to all users. You can change it later for specific users.

3. The delete action in SAP Successfactor will not be synced in Profit. You must delete manually.

4. The user’s synchronization will be done once at 9 PM local time.