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What can you do with – Smartsheet Integration?

By creating a filter you can pull the data from the Smartsheet and have the key result automatically update it.

Configure Smartsheet in

Note: Only Super Users can be able to configure the <> Smartsheet Integrations.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings from the left navigation panel.

Click on Integrations, On the Connectors page, Select the User Level tab and enable the Smartsheet toggle.

user level

Step 2:

Navigate to Preference from the left navigation panel and select the Integrations tab and select Smartsheet Manage button to make a connection`



Step 3:

Enter the connection name and click on the Sign in to SmartSheet button & login using your Smartsheet credentials and grant access to establish the connection.



Step 4:


Select and edit the key result for Smartsheet integration, and then select Smartsheet from the auto-update toggle.


Select the Sheet Name, enter the Filter URL, and click Add to update the current value from Smartsheet to the key result and update the key result.


Once the key result is updated click on the slider button to pull the data and progress the key result. Click on Update finally.


The key result progress will be updated as shown below.


How to get a Smartsheet filter URL ?

Step 1:

Log in to your Smartsheet account, open the sheet, and create a filter as highlighted below. You can also create a filter based on the status.


Once the filter is created Copy the Smartsheet URL, and paste it into while updating the key result to auto progress.


Step 2:

Click on the check-in slider bubble to update the progress once the Smartsheet Integration is complete.