Configure Zendesk KPI Integration in

Step 1:

Login to your Profit account. Navigate to Settings → Integration → Connectors from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

Click on the Manage button of Zendesk.

Manage Zendesk

Step 3:

Click on the Connect to Zendesk button.

Connect to Zendesk

Step 4:

Provide your Zendesk domain name and press the Connect button. It will redirect you to the Zendesk Sign in page.

Connect with Zendesk

Step 5:

Provide your Zendesk Email, Password and Press Sign In button

Zendesk login

Step 6:

Press the Allow button to provide access to App.

allow account in zendesk account

Step 7:

The following 6 Default Zendesk KPIs will be added in your account.

  1. # of resolved tickets
  2. # of satisfied responses
  3. # of dissatisfied responses
  4. % of resolved tickets
  5. % of satisfied responses
  6. % of dissatisfied responses
Default Zendesk KPIs

Step 8:

Create a Key Result and choose the Increase KPI.

Choose Increase KPI

Step 9:

In KPI Section, Select any of the Zendesk KPI.

Select Zendesk KPI

Step 10:

Press the Refresh button to see the current value of the KPI from Zendesk.

Current Value of the KPI

Step 11:

The progress value of the selected KPI will be fetched from Zendesk. Click on Add button and Complete the KR Creation.

Give Current KR Value
Complete KR Creation

Step 12:

The Zendesk integrated Key Result created in

Zendesk Integrated KR

Step 13:

Check-in the Key Result to update the progress from Zendesk.

Check-in KR
update KR

Step 14:

Now the progress value will be updated in the key result.

Updated KR Value