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Establish a Solid Lead Gen Engine


In this video, we’re going to write an OKR to “Establish a Solid Lead Gen Engine”. Leading an effective marketing department is a challenging and exciting role in today’s world with so many digital outreach options. Ensuring you’re taking advantage of this opportunity to generate leads and reaching out to potential clients is a vital part of the marketing department’s success.

The key results that can help you reach this important objective are:

    Increase Advisory Sites from 5 to 8

  • Complete product integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen forms
  • Increase Number of Marketplaces from 1 to 5

Let’s input this OKR into the software. After inputting the title and parameters of your objective, you’ll create your first key result using the form. Title this key result– “Increase Advisory Sites from 5 to 8” and then select the target date for completing this key result.

Because this key result includes a metric we would like to increase, we’ll select “Increase KPI” from the key result type drop down menu. Then, you can either browse KPIs by category by pressing the magnifying glass, or typing in the KPI in the search bar and selecting from the suggestions menu.

Adjust your KPI values to your specifications– in this case, we’ll set the starting value to 5, and the target value to 8.

Then, determine if you’d like to assign this key result to any particular department or employee, and select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins.

Then, press “Create”.

Now, you have a specific and ambitious key result that necessarily contributes to your objective of establishing a solid lead gen engine. Here are the other key results that will contribute to this objective:

By keeping your Objectives clear and aspirational, you can refine your goals and develop impactful key results that drive progress and transformation within your company.