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Improve Lead Magnet Conversion


In this video, we’re going to write the OKR “Improve Lead Magnet Conversion”. Incentivizing visitors to your site to give their email address by providing a downloadable PDF or other incentives is a great way to efficiently grow your email list and potential leads. Finding ways to improve the rate at which those leads turn into customers is a targeted, significant Objective that requires measurable, impactful key results.

Here are three key results we could use for this objective:

    Maintain Release of Podcasts on Products at Least Five per Week

  • Increase E-Book Downloads from 7% to 20%
  • Increase Product Promotion Videos from 40 to 80

Let’s input this OKR into After creating your objective, you can add a new key result using the form. Add the title of this key result– “Maintain Release of Podcasts on Products at Least Five per Week”– and then select the target date for completing this key result.

Because this is a metric we would like to maintain, we’ll select “Control KPI” from the key result type drop down menu. Then, you can either browse available KPIs by department by clicking on the magnifying glass, or you can type in the title of your desired KPI into the search bar, and select from the suggestions.

Adjust the KPI value to your key result specifications– in this case, we’ll say “at least” “5”.

Then, determine if you’d like to assign this key result to any particular department or employee, and select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result.

Then, press “Create”.

Now you have a key result that directly impacts your objective to improve lead magnet conversion. Maintaining the release of material that will help draw in leads and generate more business will necessarily impact your overall OKR progress. Here are the other key results that will assist with this Objective–

Determining which components of your marketing strategy will be impactful for your goal is a difficult task, but one that is rewarding when done correctly. Learning to develop precise and functional OKRs, as well as learning from your past OKRs and adjusting as needed, is an excellent practice to improve your department, and your company as a whole.