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Increase Social Media Reach


In this video, we’re going to write an OKR to “Increase Social Media Reach”. This objective gives a clear goal, and is focused on an area of great importance for the marketing department. Optimizing the tools that you have at your disposal as a marketing department is a phenomenal way to increase your brand recognition, and ensuring that you have strong, specific, and measurable key results to help you achieve this objective is the key to writing great OKRs.

The key results that will garner real impact for this objective are:

    Increase LinkedIn Post Shares from 40 to 60

  • Maintain Quora Posts at 3 per Week
  • Post product feature and enhancement posts within 24 hours of the release

Let’s input the first key result into the software. After adding your Objective title, use the form to write your first key result. Title it “Increase LinkedIn Post Shares from 40 to 60”. Select a target date for completing this key result. Because this key result has a clear metric that we would like to increase, we’ll select “Increase KPI” from the drop-down key result type menu. Select your KPI by browsing using the magnifying glass, or typing the KPI title in the search bar.

Then, ensure that this KPI is adjusted to your specifications– with a starting value of 40 and a target value of 60– and then indicate if you would like to assign responsibility for this key result to another member of your team.

Indicate the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result, and press complete.

Now you have a clear key result that will have a direct impact on your Objective to Increase Social Media Reach, as more engagement with posts on LinkedIn indicates that more people are seeing your content. Here are the other key results that will contribute to this objective–

The marketing department of any company or organization– no matter the industry or the type– must take advantage of the full digital and media landscape of the twenty-first century. This OKR to increase social media reach is a great example of how you can utilize this methodology to bring awareness and prioritization to this facet of the marketing department’s responsibilities.