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Improve Onpage SEO


In this video, we’re going to create the OKR “Improve Onpage SEO”. This goal has a clear direction, and targets a certain area of improvement for the marketing department. Ensuring that your department is optimizing every aspect of your website to appear in more searches and gain more traffic is a vital component of business in the modern-day, media-driven world. This objective is important, and in turn requires specific, well-developed key results to ensure that it is achieved.

Here are the key results we could use to Improve Onpage SEO.

    Improve Landing page loading speed from 120 seconds to 5 seconds.

  • Rank for the top 10 keywords in organic search
  • Decrease bounce rate from 78% to 50%

Let’s input the first key result into the software. After entering your objective, create a new key result using the form. Title the key result– Improve Landing Page Loading Speed from 120 seconds to 5 seconds– and then select the target date for completing this key result.

Because this is a metric we would like to see decrease, we’ll select “Decrease KPI” from the key result type drop down menu. Then, you can choose to browse KPIs using the magnifying glass, or input the title of your desired KPI into the search bar and select from the suggestions.

Adjust the KPI values to your specifications– with a starting value of 120 seconds, and a target value of 5 seconds.

Then, determine if you’d like to assign this key result to any particular department or employee, and select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result.

Then, press “Create”.

Now, you have a key result that specifically targets one aspect of your focused objective– to Improve Onpage SEO. A commitment to relentless improvement is an important thing to have when it comes to the digital landscape, and developing substantive, impactful key results that will help you make progress on these goals is incredibly important. Here are the other key results that can assist you with this objective–

Focusing your goals, and in turn measuring your progress is a vital component to succeeding with OKRs as your goal-setting method. Ensuring that you can not only set ambitious goals for your team, but you can also develop measurable key results to help reach those goals is an important aspect of leading your marketing department and achieving success.