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Improve Existing Web Page Quality


In this video, we’re going to write an OKR to Improve Existing Web Page Quality. The marketing team should always strive to produce the best digital materials they can, however this ongoing goal could fall by the wayside to more pressing and time-sensitive projects. That’s why creating a quarter-long OKR to improve web page quality will focus and prioritize this essential aspect of your department.

Here are the key results you can use to achieve this objective:

    Add at least 5 target keywords for 15 webpages

  • Replace Existing images with custom-designed graphics for 15 webpages
  • Add relevant infographics for at least 25 recently added blogs

Let’s input the first key result into the software. After adding your Objective title, use the form to write your first key result. Title it “Add at least 5 target keywords for 15 webpages”. Select a target date for this key result. Because this key result has a number of target words we’d like to reach and possibly exceed, we’ll select “control KPI” from the drop-down key result type menu.

You can browse KPIs using the magnifying glass or search for a specific KPI using the search bar.

Ensure that this KPI is adjusted to your specifications– indicating that you’d like to maintain “at least 5” keywords– and then indicate if you would like to assign responsibility for this key result to another member of your team.

Then, indicate the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result, and press create.

Now you have a key result that directly impacts your objective to Improve Existing Web Page Quality. Dedicating an OKR to this goal can have a large impact on your department and ultimately focus the efforts of your team and improve your marketing department and your business.