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Increase audience visibility via Google (SEM)


In this video, we’re going to write an OKR to “Increase Audience Visibility via Google”. The Internet and Search Engines are a vital component of gaining new customers. Ensuring that your business will appear when a potential customer begins their search in your industry is more important now than it ever has been, and as a marketing department leader, you can create an OKR to specifically target this significant part of the media landscape.

The key results that will contribute to this objective are:

    Increase Monthly Number of Unique Visitors from 20k to 30k

  • Increase Monthly Number of Total Visits from 60k to 100k
  • Improve Ad Quality Score from 3 to 8

Let’s input this OKR into the software. After inputting the title and parameters of your objective, you’ll create your first key result using the form. Title this key result– “Increase Monthly Number of Unique Visitors from 20k to 30k” and then select the target date for completing this key result.

Because this key result includes a metric we would like to increase, we’ll select “Increase KPI” from the key result type drop down menu. Then, you can either browse KPIs by category by pressing the magnifying glass, or type in your chosen KPI in the search bar and select from the suggestions menu.

Adjust your KPI values to your specifications– in this case, we’ll set the starting value to 20,000, and the target value to 30,000.

Then, determine if you’d like to assign this key result to a particular department or employee, and select the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins.

Then, press “Create”.

Now you have an ambitious key result that targets a measurable and significant aspect of the marketing department. If your number of unique visitors increases, that necessarily means your site is more frequently located. This substantively impacts your objective of increasing audience visibility via Google (SEM). Here are the other key results that will contribute to your objective.

Taking the time to develop specific, measurable key results, will not only display clear progress throughout the quarter, but also make a substantial impact on your Objective and overall objective status.