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Improve Domain Authority


In this video, we’re going to write an OKR to “Improve Domain Authority”. This objective targets an important aspect of the marketing department’s duties, and if executed in a well-defined manner, this OKR can boost a vital component of raising brand awareness, website traffic, and even sales.

The key results that can help you achieve this objective are:

    Increase Internal Linking from 1 to 3

  • Increase High-Quality Links to 40
  • Disavow Bad Links at 10% per Month

Let’s input the first key result into the software. After adding your Objective title, use the form to write your first key result. Title it “Increase Internal Linking from 1 to 3”. Select a target date for this key result. Because this key result has a clear metric that we would like to increase, we’ll select “Increase KPI” from the drop-down key result type menu.

You can browse KPIs using the magnifying glass or search for a specific KPI using the search bar.

Ensure that this KPI is adjusted to your specifications– with a starting value of 1 and a target value of 3– and then indicate if you would like to assign responsibility for this key result to another member of your team.

Then, indicate the frequency with which you would like to complete check-ins on this key result, and press create.

Now you have a clear key result that will have a direct impact on your Objective to Improve Domain Authority, as more internal linking can contribute to SEO optimization. Here are the other key results that will contribute to this objective–

Ensuring that your OKRs are covering all the necessary duties expected of a Marketing Department is an important task to accomplish as a department head or CMO, and ensuring that you’re meeting the needs of your employees, the market, and the digital landscape are all important areas that contribute to the success of the marketing department.