Increase Website Engagement

| Category: SEO OKRs.

SEO team wants to increase engagement with website visitors. They can measure the progress towards their objective using the following potential indicators: Read more…

Penetrate European Market

| Category: Sales OKRs.

A Sales manager wants to penetrate European market. She can measure the progress towards her objective by completing the following potential indicators: Read more…

The Power of Perspective

| Category: Perspective.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person can sharpen the skills of another. It’s natural for humans to look at a problem from only one perspective – our own. However, looking at a problem from multiple perspectives and angles enables teams to develop better solutions and resolve any conflicts. Embracing external perspectives Businesses must continually… Read more

Pivots: Why & When?

| Category: Pivot.

Most startups go through a “pivot” stage to find the right target customer, market position, and value proposition for their business. This article describes how companies typically identify opportune pivot times. A pivot is change in strategy without a change in vision. Eric Ries Market are subject to change. Business must constantly evolve to satisfy… Read more

Sharpe Ratio

| Category: Financial.

This is an investment measurement and is used to calculate an investment’s average return beyond the risk-free rate of volatility per unit. Basically, the Sharpe ratio is used to determine the return of a certain investment, which is also adjusted for the investment’s riskiness. This ratio is very important for investors, as they will have… Read more