Power Productivity with New Features in Profit.co:


  • Reassigning OKRs of a Terminated User to the Reporting Manager/Department: Users who have been terminated can now transfer their OKRs to another user. Additionally, it’s possible to assign these OKRs based on specific filters. The reassignment of OKRs and Tasks will occur immediately rather than waiting until the final day of the termination period.

Performance Management:

  • Customize Rating Percentage: Users can now configure and customize the Rating Percentage based on their organizational needs. The Overall percentage in the Review Summary Info will be updated to reflect the modified rating percentage.


UI Enhancement:



OKR Example

  • Explore our latest blog on impactful OKR examples tailored for Learning & Development. Learn how to drive professional growth through well-defined objectives and key results, fostering a culture of continuous learning and advancement. OKR Examples for Learning & Development.

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