Power Productivity with New Features in Profit.co:


Task Management:

  • Worklog for Tasks: Users have the ability to input estimated hours and actual time spent on tasks. This work log feature enables users to monitor their task durations, aiding in the identification of potential workflow issues.

Performance Management:

  • Succession and Development Plan: Users now have the ability to enable Succession and Development plans tailoring them to meet the specific requirements of their organization, similar to IDP (Individual Development Plans) and PIP (Performance Improvement Plans).
  • Bell Curve Template: Users can now create Bell Curve templates and save them for use in forthcoming performance reviews.
  • Integrate meetings and past reviews during assessments: Users can now integrate meetings into assessments, expanding the evaluation scope for a more insightful review process, while also gaining access to past employee evaluations during performance reviews for a comprehensive performance assessment.


  • Group Email in the send summary option: You can add the department group email address when creating a new department or edit an existing one to include the group email address. You will receive an alert message when you attempt to Send a Summary to more than 50 individual users. Adding a department email address allows you to send the summary to all individual users, even if the department has more than 50 individuals.

UI Enhancement:


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