Power Productivity with New Features in Profit.co:


  • Department Progress View:
    The Department Progress dashboard offers a comprehensive perspective on OKR progress, displaying objective and key result counts separately alongside progress. This enhances insight, transparency, and accountability, fostering informed decision-making and goal attainment. The count of objectives and Key Results has been set as static.
  • OKR Exemption
    Profit.co offers an option referred to as “Exempted OKRs for the cockpit. Enabling this toggle for a specific user means they will not be counted in the cockpit.

    In certain organizations, OKR champions or admin personnel may not have any OKRs. Consequently, the cockpit chart might display these users as having zero OKRs, which could skew the count. Therefore, this toggle allows for accurate counting by excluding OKR champions or admins from the cockpit when enabled for them.

  • Check in Comments in OKR Presentation “Template 2”
    The Templates in the OKR progress presentation have been renamed.

    Template Renamed as
    Template 1 OKR List
    Template 2 OKR List with Check-in Charts
    Template 3 OKR Table

    Additionally, you can view your check-in comments in Template 2 (OKR List with check-in Charts). When selecting this template, you can download your presentation along with the check-in comments, aiding in comprehensive review and documentation of progress towards objectives

  • Presentation Style in the OKR Progress Presentation
    You have the option to select your preferred presentation style from the OKR progress presentations, enhancing customization options and improving alignment with your specific needs and preferences.
  • Roll-up Weight Adjustment
    When adding a new Key Result to an objective with predefined weights, a pop-up allows you to modify and update the weights. Likewise, deleting a Key Result prompts another pop-up for weight adjustment.

    This ensures alignment with evolving priorities and facilitates accurate progress tracking in goal management.

  • Cross-Functional Check-in Authority
    Your manager has the authority to review and perform check-in for the Key Result that have been assigned to you by another department.

    For example: Let’s say you work in the marketing department and you have a key result assigned by the sales department. Your manager will be able to review and perform check-ins fro the key result assigned by the sales department to you.

    Managers can efficiently monitor and provide feedback on cross-departmental Key Results, enhancing collaboration and alignment across teams for goal attainment.

  • Downloaded report with the Users Status > Enabled & Disabled
    Previously, sorting user details based on the Enabled/Disabled state was unavailable. Now, you can export employees’ OKR progress based on their Enabled/Disabled status.
    It facilitates targeted analysis and decision-making for enhanced management.

Task Management:

  • Multiple Sprints in a Task
    Now, Profit.co offers the capability to choose multiple sprints for a specific task, enhancing flexibility and adaptability in task management, and allowing for better alignment with project timelines.
  • Document Attachment Capability in Workspace and Boards
    Profit.co facilitates document attachment within both the workspace and board, enabling seamless integration of essential files for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

Performance Management:


  • Edit Option for Meeting – Topics
    Previously, after scheduling a meeting, editing topics or the meeting template was unavailable. Now, it’s possible to select a different template even after scheduling.
  • Incorporating Workspace and Board into the Task
    Profit.co now allows users to include workspace and board details when creating meetings. The chosen workspace and board will be visible on the meetings overview page. It will display the tasks in the selected workspace/boards and categorize them as unscheduled, upcoming, today, or overdue on the scheduled meeting page, enhancing organization and scheduling efficiency.

    Toggle Enabled, No Workspace/Board Selected: If the toggle “Create Default Task Board” is enabled but no workspace/board is chosen, tasks will be created under the default workspace/board in the name of the meeting.

    Toggle Disabled, No Workspace/Board Selected: If the toggle “Create Default Task Board” is disabled and no workspace/board is chosen, tasks will be created in your space.

  • Customize Your Surveys with Preferred Format
    Profit.co offers three survey format options for users to tailor surveys according to preferences, ensuring effective, engaging data collection.

    • No – Responses will be identifiable
    • Yes – Responses will be completely anonymous, with no identifying details collected
    • Yes – Responses will be anonymous, but department names will still be collected

User Management:


  • Improve the Profit.co – Jira Plugin integration to Support custom type issues
    The standard follow has been updated from initiative → epic →subtask to initiative → custom → epic and subtasks.
  • Support Gitlab with Incidents, Groups(Epics, Milestones)
    Epic and Milestones are supported in the Plan field based on groups.
  • Implement the Support Grade from Workday
    User grades will be imported from your Workday account to Profit.co.
  • Implement the Unlink support for Jira DC hierarchy creation
    In Jira DC, initially, you could only link your initiatives as Key Results in the objective, but now you can also unlink them.

UI Enhancements:

  • Implementation of “Owners” and “Level” Filters
    Profit.co now offers the ability to filter KRs based on ownership and levels, facilitating streamlined access and management. This enhances efficiency, organization, and customization for users’ specific needs.
  • Reordered Events in the Action Center (PMS)
    The order of notifications in the Action Center has been modified
  • Show OKRs/KRs’ option removed from the list page and restricted to enable from settings
    The “Show OKRs/KRs” option has been eliminated from the list page and users are now unable to enable it from the settings.

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