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Employee Engagement

1. The CFR workplace model seeks to emphasize the human perspectives of the employees in the cycle of goal creation, and OKR helps connect every department and employee inside the organization with top corporate goals. This model ensures higher performance in organizations. Learn more about OKRs and CFR from this Profit.co article. How to achieve high-performance by combining OKRs and CFR

2. CHROs faced new obstacles in addition to their traditional responsibilities during the pandemic. They had no prior experience dealing with job losses, mental health issues, remote work, or new strategies for managing remote work to maximize productivity. Learn more about how OKRs can help CHROs from this Profit.co article. Top 5 Challenges Facing CHROs & How OKRs Can Help.

KPIs Library

1. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are tracking and decision-making tools that address your organization’s primary performance challenges after you’ve established your strategic goals. Whereas KRI (Key Risk Indicators) is a metric risk indicator used by organizations to evaluate the degree of risk exposure or the riskiness of a certain project or activity. Learn more about KPI vs KRI from this Profit.co article. KPIs vs KRIs: A User’s Guide to Risk Management

2. Metrics determine the overall commercial health of your company based on your organization’s performance. However not all metrics are created equal, and their importance can differ depending upon the nature of business. Thus the effectiveness of business-critical projects, processes, or objectives is measured using Key Metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Learn more about Metrics and Key Metrics and their significance from this Profit.co article. What are Metrics and key Metrics? Why are Key Metrics Important?

Task Management

Project management is an organization’s fundamental processes. The process of segmenting a project into smaller tasks, overseeing those tasks, and accomplishing them successfully within specified deadline is known as task management. To learn more about Task Management, read this article from Profit.co What is Task Management? A Beginners Guide

Marketing KPIs

One of the most successful business channels nowadays is email marketing. Email marketing KPIs will improve email marketing strategy and provide insights into the successes and failures of your campaign, allowing you to test and tweak each outgoing email to boost engagement. Learn more about Email Marketing from this Profit.co article. How to Improve the Effectiveness of Emails Using Top 8 Email Marketing KPIs